Tips on How Best to Implement Lean Manufacturing Tools

For every production, there is a waste. Waste is anything that does not add value to the end product. A company should be aimed at working effectively by reducing waste, increasing product quality, and adding value to it. Some of the loopholes of wastes in manufacturing include overproduction, transportation, over-processing, workforce, motion, inventory and others. Lean manufacturing tools is a method used to cut on waste within the system of manufacturing.

Here is a step to step guide on how to implement lean manufacturing tools in business:

To begin with, it is important to change the mentality of the leadership. Contrary to where the orders of solving problems come from the top management in a business, problems should be allowed to choose who solve them best. A team is put in place to oversee the implementation of the tool management process which is set for introduction at this stage.

Many people find it hard to embrace and accept change. For this reason, it is good that everyone gets proper coaching. This help in getting away misconceptions that may arise. It gives an understanding of what is bound to happen. Always find it necessary to enlighten everyone. An average of 80% of coaching should go to actual doing and the remaining 20% learning. Get everyone involved in setting goals, and come up with a budget.

A map of value and waste is made available and understand by the stakeholders. This should be inclusive of the current, future, and action state maps. With this in check, it is easy for everyone to understand the prospects of the process and what they are dealing with. Value stream mapping is, therefore, important for the implementation of the system.

The process needs continuity in improvement as quoted by Kaizen tool. Getting a facilitator on that line to teach the importance of keeping the consistency should be welcome at all cost. This makes the problem in question get relevant tackling since the training is focused on the particular issue. Here you get tangible results and on time.

The main essence of the management is to improve the value of the products to the clients and the business too. It is advisable that you organize yourself around value streams. You can do this by making certain people responsible for the different tasks accorded to them.

Upon putting Lean journey on the course, it is equally important that you develop an effective communication channel. With this in line, you will be able to get reviews and new ideas on how to implement the process. This makes it easier and better while everyone is making a contribution on the same. In addition, you can make it compulsory for the parties to fully participate.

Once introduced, you should not leave it at that. It should b made an all time event and not just a trial. This stops the tendency of laxity and going back to the normal way of doing things. It is, therefore, important that the leadership stays put and focused on the long term results rather than one event.

There is no change that is accepted 100%. In most cases, resistance has to be there. The management should, therefore, brace for such eventualities that are posed mostly by the middle management as they try to frustrate the efforts. Find it necessary to show the financial implication of Lean before getting the business to believe in the lean production. Try hard to find and showcase edges that show the possibilities of good results and an addition of value.

Change the metrics that add no value to the operations of excellence. Measure a variety of stream metrics to first quality. Understand that for a Company to make it, it has to build on its own journey. Be ready to have an own experience. This helps the company best since they know they best and worst points of strengths and weaknesses.

Hiring and developing lean leaders is equally important. In addition, try as much as possible to make sure that the lineage of the experts flows in the line. You can do this by letting a succession path followed since you are assured that lean tools and techniques will be passed on. This is best done since it involves people with first-hand knowledge of the process. The cycle enables the discipline to stay in place for long enough.

Creating an environment that is friendly for the implementation plays a big role in the realization of the plan. When you are out to make or try out something new, you are bound to make mistakes. This is allowed and should be accommodated for since it is the mistake that you can learn and get better. Creating that environment is, therefore, necessary and leads to positive thinkers risking their ideas.

You can hire an expert to teacher your team. The teacher may not do it all but has the knowledge to what the process entails. They provide advice to the business on how well to go about the lean process. It is important to build the platform of the learning experience by having a teacher do it. At the end of the day, all that matters is data. Make decisions that are aimed at improving the data. This helps the lean tool to be more acceptable.

5 steps of lean process

5 steps of lean process

The tool is aimed at results. This can be done by tracing back on the performance and doing the balancing to see how it has influenced the results. Make reviews and statements for the same. Learning from companies that have previously implemented Lean successfully is advisable. You are able to know to do and what not to. The benchmarking puts you at a better place while making some important decisions.

Select a team that is capable of steering the whole process from planning, resourcing, implementation and following up. This team should be made responsible for the process and held accountable. They should get involved with meeting the external and internal consultants and paving the way forward.

Patience is essential in realizing the desired results. Getting excited or disappointed should be discouraged at all levels. Whether you make it or not, you should do it all over again since the main agenda is to create a culture that is focused on improving and sustaining lean process.

Now you know how to implement lean manufacturing tools in your business. It helps you reduce waste and improve on value for business and customer. With this information, you have a pathway that will greatly assist you. I can highly recommend that you try it out and see for yourself. You can be assured of positive results with no regrets.

ACCC Put on Trial For Concealing Medibank Changes in Contract Terms

Medibank brand has long been a familiar health insurance for many Australians community including Vietnam.

However, the ACCC (Agency Australian Competition and consumption) has accused the Medibank, deliberately secretive about the changes in corporate policies.



The ACCC said that Medicare fears this could damage the reputation of the brand, as well as affect the purpose of increasing profits before the private company.

Medibank had concealed information?

According to the allegations made by the ACCC launched, has also been submitted to the court, the Medibank has involved the behavior called misleading and unconscionable, by not informing the insurance buyers to know about the decision Medibank the company’s new.

Accordingly, limiting the benefits of health insurance, when they come to the diagnostic services in hospital image.

Medibank was equivocal about the costs will be covered by insurance customers to the hospital when diagnosing illness through medical imaging.

The ACCC also alleged Medibank has attempted to clear the changes listed above may damage the company’s reputation, which obviously can affect the investment plans Medibank is planned in 2014.

Medibank now has about 3.9 million customers, the ACCC said the policy of limiting the list of health insurance paid by Medibank with some services at the hospital have been in place since 2012.

ACCC chairman Rod Sims follow consumers have a right to know, to be informed of important changes to the health insurance policy of their private, particularly when these changes significantly influence it’s about money, at a time when they are facing difficulties.

ACCC vowed to take action if private health insurance does not perform publicly the terms of the contract in accordance with the Australian consumer law

What Is Medibank Reaction?

According to the Sydney Morning Herald, a spokesman for the Medibank confirmed that the company is committed to working for the best interests of customers and the company rejected the ACCC’s allegations, relating to the operation since 2014.

Medibank said they have cooperated fully in the investigation process with the ACCC and encourage customers to dial if there are problems or concerns.

While this service is taken to court, Medibank does not offer additional comment on the allegations mentioned above.

What Provision That ACCC Is Mentioning To?

ACCC pointed out that, once publicly Medibank customers that they sponsor the cost of diagnostic services by image, for example, X-rays, or other types of medical imaging. However, the reality is that the customer does not have to pay out of pocket.

A series of related policies also face similar problems. For example Medibank’s Basic Hospital, Mid Hospital, Standard Hospital, Top Hospital and Health Cover Ultra policies; Hospital Top 500 Top Hospital and policies.

There have been cases must own money to pay services diagnostic imaging Images (Medical Imaging).

Sydney Morning Herald quoted one client accused of Medibank, Mrs. Phyllis Dixon.

Ms. Dixon for Fairfax Media said last year she was very surprised to get a bill requires paying fees 1.500 AUD, from a company specializing in diagnostic imaging, after leaving a private hospital in Melbourne.

Currently, the ACCC has taken this issue to court and is seeking more witnesses, to demand compensation for forced Medibank overcome this problem.